TalmadgeHarper Website Review & Ratings + TalmadgeHarper Coupons
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TalmadgeHarper Website Review & Ratings + TalmadgeHarper Coupons

TalmadgeHarper: Products & Services

Talmadge Harper Hypnosis Store is a website that sells hypnosis products. The website works as a virtual store and their mission is to offer the best products and service to their customers at the lowest prices possible. This online store is safe so anyone can browse and buy products safely and securely.  Their large variety of products include Advanced Lucid Erotica: Stephanie, Quantum Healing Vermont Hypnosis 4 day Retreat, Tantra Massage for Men, The Matriarch - Redux, The Art of the Mind Doll Revision and more. They also specialize in a very high end niche market of hypnosis erotica that they vow you will not find any place else. Other products include hypnosis erotica Mp3s, movies, erotic hypnosis lessons and more. Talmadge also features an erotic hypnosis course that focuses heavily on erotic hypnosis and how to satisfy your partner or strangers in ways you never imagine.

TalmadgeHarper: Company Background

Talmadge Harper Store formerly known as pleasurehypnosis.com, offers hypnosis products. The website was established in the year 2003 and they have a large number of products related to hypnosis. They offer the best products and services to their customers at the lowest possible price. Their products include, Quantum Healing Vermont Hypnosis 4 day Retreat, The Matriarch - Redux, The Art of the Mind Doll Revision etc. This company was created with adult customers in mind. It is a place where you will get weekly lectures and manuals on erotic hypnosis if you are an interested customer. You will also have the opportunity to request specific information for each lecture. They have been in operation for past 10 years. The owners of the company are not mentioned on the website itself.

TalmadgeHarper: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There is a large quantity of customer comment on Talmadge Harper’s deals. Huge numbers of customers are happy and gave the company a high raiting. This is because of the high availability hypnosis products provided on the website. The customers have found that the products and services offered by Talmadge Harper are cheap and suit their satisfaction. Below is a snippet of a testimonial offered by a satisfied customer who enjoyed the services offered by the company:

“I think what also made this experience so profound and realistic was because i like to write out sexual fantasies from time to time. They are quite detailed and that detail became real. Sometimes when i am aksed to focus in on one sexual fantasy, my mind jumps from one situation to the next, never really seeing the first one through to the end. Sometimes that can be distracting. Having written out my fantasy and working on all the details kept it very realistic and focused through the session. Not sure if that might help others....Wow....is there a recommended 'rest period' between listenings?" Kevin G. No editorial commentaries were found for the company.

TalmadgeHarper: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Talmadge Harper is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and thus has no rating. They have good customer feedback about their Quantum Healing Vermont Hypnosis 4 day Retreat, and The Art of the Mind Doll Revision available on their website. This rating is largely due to their large number of hypnosis products and services offered and a wide range of customer acceptance. No major media coverage was found about Talmadgeharper.com website. So, credibility of Talmadgeharper.com lies in the hands of its customers.

TalmadgeHarper: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa does not show any submitted reviews for Talmadgeharper.com; however, its global rank is 1,090,442 and 264,047 in India. A further snapshot of Talmadgeharper.com’s popularity is a count of 16 sites linking in to it. Alexa does not show any Speed time for Talmadgeharper.com. The site has 34.92% search traffic with a solid impact on search queries. The Google Page Rank is 0 out of 10 with over 100,000 estimated monthly visitors.

TalmadgeHarper: Social Media Presence

Talmadgeharper.com does not maintain a blog for its customers. A blog can help them to express their regular updates about their hypnosis products and so forth. A blog can also acts as a bridge between the website and its valuable customers. The website was not found on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest. Having their presence on social networking links would have helped them to reach their customers more conveniently.

TalmadgeHarper: Website Security & Safety

Talmadgeharper.com’s security is explained on the site itself. A test product purchase confirms that Talmadgeharper.com uses a secure (https://) connection when taking customer transaction information.  The site checks out favorably through Google’s diagnostic page; it is not listed as suspicious, nor has any malicious software been found in the last (90) ninety days. Talmadgeharper.com has not been an intermediary for malicious software distribution and has not hosted any such software, either. 

TalmadgeHarper: Pricing & Packages

Talmadge Harper offers a wide choice hypnosis product options from Advanced Lucid Erotica: Stephanie to The Confidence to Hypnotize MP3. All their hypnosis product offers that are available on their website are a part of an attractive products collection. They offer these products for various purposes. Pricing in the top deal offers ranges from $19.97 to $2957.00 and appears competitive. If you wish to shop with them, the company invites you to browse through their store and shop with confidence. They invite you to create an account with them if you like, or shop as a guest.

TalmadgeHarper: Shipping Rates & Policies

Talmadgeharper.com products are all digital. Anyone can purchase them through the internet. The customers only need a computer and an internet connection. As long as they have a computer, they can access them through downloads. For physical merchandises, at this time, the Talmadge Harper's Hypnosis Store ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Additionally, Talmadge Harper's Hypnosis Store ships merchandise to Canada and Mexico, and all International Locations.

TalmadgeHarper: Payment Methods Accepted

Talmadgeharper.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express; but they do not accept payment via PayPal. Debit cards that are accepted anywhere credit cards are be used.  These debit cards must however have a Visa or MasterCard logo. Other alternative forms of payment such as EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT and QPass are not accepted at this time. All this transaction processes are safe and secure as they use secure https encryption while taking payment information.

TalmadgeHarper: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company has a refund policy. They only refund if the customer does not have the results after 30 days of using the product as instructed. Most of the products are downloadable. Once the customers purchase them, they own them. They do not accept refunds for any reason other than as specified. Most products require at least 30 days to see full results so refunds will not be honored until after 30 days have passed. All customers carries a satisfaction guarantee and all available information points to the conclusion that Talmadgeharper.com stands behind its hypnosis products and honors all refund policies.

TalmadgeHarper: Product images & screenshots
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